CoEmbed Review

CoEmbed Review

CoEmbed Review – Place CTAs wherever you wish

Click-to-actions are one of my favorites in the arsenal of methods on how to attract target audience’s attention and engagement. If used correctly, you can easily divert traffic to one of your sales funnels or grow your mailing list.  What’s better for traffic than viral content? Well, Viral content with Call-to-action embedded. In this CoEmbed Review you will find out why I think CoEmbed is a piece of Software every serious digital marketer should have.

So what’s CoEmbed – Quick summary of its features

Embedding Call-to-actions

CoEmbed is a cloud based software that helps you embed your Call-to-action on any form of digital content, yours or someone else’s. Just imagine the possibilities of use for this kind of software. You can leverage any authority site or celebrity viral video to grow your email list or divert traffic towards one of your sales funnels.  As a result, you’ll generate tons more leads and sales.

Customization of Call-to-actions

Another great feature is the customization of Call-to-actions. In the software suite you will get all kinds of CTA’s. This includes pop up images, social sharing buttons, clickable links, annotations, videos, opt-in forms and much more. Furthermore, templates can be customized with your own logo, headline, background and text. Almost certainly fitting every digital marketer’s needs.

Integration With Social media

CoEmbed’s functionalities expand even further. Especially awesome is its integration with social media. You can easily schedule your embedded links. Therefore, you can set up your CTA’s and they will be posted exactly when needed. So no need for you to spend hours online and waiting for a moment to post content with your CTA’s in it. Furthermore, with the upgrade (Yes CoEmbed awesome functionality can be upgraded even further), you get this insanely awesome feature called Facebook Retargeting. With it, you can add everyone who clicked on your embedded CTA’s, to a Facebook custom audience.Therefore, Making it much easier to pinpoint your targeted audience for further similar campaigns on your Facebook ads manager account.

weekly case studies

Also CoEmbed will include weekly case studies. Helping users find their best combo, by presenting them with complete walkthroughs how to make further use of the software. Hence helping users flattening their learning curve to mastery of CTA’s use.

How to use CoEmbed?

CoEmbed was built for less tech-savvy people. So its use is simple as ABC. All you need to do is follow the next four steps:

  1. CHOOSE: Pick the content you want your CTA’s to be embedded in. It could be an authority website, viral video or any other digital content.
  2. EMBED: Customize and Embed your CTAs into previously chosen content.
  3. POST: Publish and Share the content with your CTAs in it, or schedule it to be published and shared later
  4. ENJOY: Simply Enjoy watching the increased traffic and conversion charts.

Here is a DEMO of Actual CoEmbed Use. Watch This CoEmbed Demo to see how it works!

CoEmbed Creators

John Gibb & Mo Miah

This Excellent piece of software was created by seasoned marketers John Gibb and Mo Miah. Both are well known marketing experts with years of experience between them. This is not their first digital product. Having already launched a couple of successful digital masterpieces, clearly they know their stuff.

CoEmbed Upgrades, for increased functionality

CoEmbed Pro-Deluxe

Already awesome functionalities you get with CoEmbed (basic version) can be extended even further. By paying a little bit extra you can get CoEmbed Pro version. In addition to features of the basic version, you get Custom CSS which can be added to your CTA Campaigns. Furthermore, Pro Version also enables you to do A/B testing which allows you to experiment with multiple variations of CTAs. Therefore, optimizing them for better conversion. The most noteworthy upgrade is already mentioned Facebook Retargeting feature. Which Enables you to create custom audiences on FB ad manager out of your CTA clicks data. Hence retargeting the same people that clicked your CTA with FB ads to even further increase conversions. Finally, you get a Custom Video Landing Page. Where you can post your embedded videos.

CoEmbed Traffic Mastery – Training course

This One time offer is for those that want extraordinary results. And want them fast! And With a training course, have creators of CoEmbed completed the puzzle. Along the course, they provide users with a step-to-step guide on how to drive traffic towards their funnels by using CoEmbed. Consequently, flattening the learning curve and helping even complete beginners succeed. The CoEmbed Training Academy includes intensive training on various traffic strategies. And also weekly live calls. Making it extremely valuable.

CoEmbed White Label License

Finally, the last upgrade is a CoEmbed White Label License. Gives users ability to share access to the app with their virtual assistants or other people they want to include in their campaigns.

Who and Why should get CoEmbed?

I know this should be a CoEmbed Review, but I kind of turned it into a sales pitch. But I can’t help myself, it's been a while I got so excited about a piece of software. Every serious marketer should definately buy it. Because Sharing Viral videos on social media platforms is one of the best ways to drive 100% free traffic to your sites. So why not use this trend and ride the waves along with tons of free traffic directed directly to your sales funnels, opt-ins or landing pages. And imagine the increased traffic you would get by tapping into credibility and trust of online influencers or authority sites. Not to mention the fact that people online are ten times more likely to respond and sign up or make a purchase when a CTA is in place.

So there is no time to lose, start using CoEmbed today!

CoEmbed Review – Quick Summary

Here are the features of the app mentioned in this CoEmbed Review:

  • Ability to Embed CTAs in any digital content
  • Great way to leverage authority sites and influencers
  • Completely customizable CTAs + CTA Templates
  • Great Integration with Social media
  • Easy to use cloud based software
  • Possible upgrade for further increase in functionality
  • Training course and case studies

CoEmbed Review – Conclusion and my 50 cents

So, if you are looking for a way to supercharge your revenues online by leveraging top online brands, influence and authority sites then CoEmbed is the perfect tool for you. Probably It's never been easier to embed CTAs into any digital content, then by using CoEmbed. This tool was created for beginners, but can easily satisfy seasoned marketers as well. Its Value by far surpasses its price. So it’s a no brainer, simply go for it, there is nothing to lose. Because CoEmbed comes with a 30-days money back guarantee. So Full refund, no questions asked. That’s how confident the creators are, that CoEmbed is going to work for you.

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So Do Not Wait, Get Your CoEmbed Software Now!

Get CoEmbed Pro!

Perfect Choice!

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